Friday, February 24, 2012

What I’m reading

Those Nigerian scammers scammed right back.

Hate the Oscars? This is for you. Money quote:
It’s four hours of Hollywood gleefully face-fucking itself in front of you, with 15 minutes of Leno jokes interspersed throughout. It’s like a presidential primary season: it’s long and drawn out and expensive, and there’s no one worth rooting for.
More about the law of unintended consequences and penguin-boiler Joseph Hatch, subject of Geoff Chapple’s play. Money quote:
Why don’t they just introduce foxes to deal with the rabbits? What could possibly go wrong?
Whitney Houston: the greatest singer of all time or the Toyota Corolla of pop? Money quote:
Let’s admit that, if we’re honest, greatest singers of all time tend not to approach songs with all the empathy of an articulated lorry approaching a hedgehog.
The Australian reports that:
Labor’s leadership rift has plunged the party into its worst crisis in decades, with the showdown between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard exploding into open warfare that has split the cabinet and left the government mired in distrust and personal animosity.
So no change there. The story is headlined “ALP burns its own house down as cabinet splits”. Which brings us to Talking Heads in joyous funky form in the Jonathan Demme concert movie Stop Making Sense, featuring (starring, if you ask me) Bernie Worrell:

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