Thursday, November 22, 2012

Non-consensual satire

As Wellington counts down to the premiere of The Hobbit next Wednesday, Danyl at the Dim-Post reminds us of an early satirical blogpost he wrote on Tolkein in May 2008 which spawned a comments thread that is even funnier than the original post. Do read the lot – it’s solid gold.

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Stephanie said...

I was referred by Danyl himself(via a Dimpost post) and you are so right: the whole comments section is the funniest writing I have read for ages. Some of the comments come from this year, too. And even when someone comments it is SATIRE, the stupidity keeps coming.

On the other hand, the number of commentors who seriously want to watch the Similarion (excuse spelling) in elvish is of concern.

As a person of great knowledge, perhaps you know if there are people who truly speak it having learnt it from the great man's philological work?