Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Waikato Times letter of the month

This occasional series gets off to a good start for 2013. Punctuation is as printed in this morning’s newspaper. Happy new year to you all.
Space technology awaited
About 5,880,000,000,000 miles in one light year of travel in space, the infinite journey of travel, not millions but, billions of miles will take lifetimes of space travel at the speed of light. Flight control is the next technology delaying the expansion of spacecraft expeditions. Sky-scraping speeds are attainable, but flight control requires technology not yet developed but impossible without it. No inter-space journeys can be started without revolutionary flight-control development.
Space engineering technology to develop a flying saucer-shaped craft that can travel at speeds unimaginable are theoretically, now possible. The spacecraft design, eg, like a flying saucer is the decisive challenge.
Many UFO sightings can be put down to spacecraft experimentations. Example: some of the experiments in the development of the Concord test flights for wing icing took place in the hot desert of Morocco, but you would think that wing-icing would be trialled in colder climates. A practice not commonly known.
The same thinking on UFO sightings. Test flights are not made public for self-explanatory reasons and are recorded as flying objects at high speeds – just like the Concord test flight of the 1960-70 flight.


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Stephen Stratford said...

"Wha..?" indeed. The Waikato Times has way better letters than the BOP Times. Well, not better, perhaps more entertainingly crazy.

Renee said...

Only in Hamilton ...

Denis said...

Yep, I guess if someone was to stand on top of the Bombay Hills and turn an ear south toward the mighty Waikato they might, just might, hear the shrieks of laughter as an editor fishes another gem from the pile and throws it at the paper.