Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cheese of the year

Blessed be the cheesemakers. This cheese, “Tilly”, bought this morning at the Cambridge farmers’ market, is from Cloudy Mountain, aka Cathy and Pete who live and work in Pirongia. Best-before date is 11 March. There is no show it will last that long. 

When Ten was a baby we went down to Wellington for a friend’s 50th dinner party, which involved, among other delights, a lot of Burgundy and some Chateau d’Yquem. Sunday morning, slightly sore-headed, we went into Unity Books in Willis Street. As I had hoped, the adorable Tilly Lloyd was on duty so I introduced her to wife and baby, who was clad in a purple jumpsuit. 

Tilly said, “Ah! You’ve dressed her as a lesbian.” And I had. That is how thoughtful I am.


Renee Lang said...

Peter, who's married to clever cheesemaker Cathy, is my nephew!

Stephen Stratford said...

OMG that is so New Zealand. People from England and elsewhere think I'm joking when I say we are all connected. We are.