Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Poetic localities of Cambridge

In Leamington, the part of Cambridge that is on the south side of the Waikato River so is unknown to travellers who simply speed through on State Highway 1, the fools, some 70 streets are named after writers. The full list is here. They range from Addison, Arnold and Austen to Tennyson, Walpole and Wordsworth, taking in Baxter, Curnow, Dallas, Frame, Ihimaera and Sargeson along the way. And yes, Cresswell too.

On the intersection of Browning and Tennyson Streets is a green square called Gwyneth Common, which I assume is named after the actress.

So here is my current reading, WJ Stillman’s 1876 Poetic Localities in Cambridge:

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