Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh Donna

Donna Chisholm, Metro’s editor at large (least flattering job title ever), has won a libel case taken against her, or at least had it dismissed, which amounts to the same thing.

When I was at Metro I had to defend a libel suit taken by someone who objected to a joke I wrote and who hadn’t noticed it until Alister Taylor, bless him,  pointed it out. Being sued for a million dollars does concentrate the mind, and took a month of lawyering. We caved in; with Donna, righteousness prevailed.

Donna doesn’t get enough credit. She was a major force at the Auckland Star and later the Sunday Star-Times and devised and ran the SST’s short-story competition, which brought many new writers to national attention. I don’t really know how Metro and North  & South work these days, but Donna seems to be half of both of them.  

So here are 10CC:

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