Friday, May 3, 2013

Poets don’t retire #2

Last month I noted that CK Stead (b. 1932), Kevin Ireland (b. 1933), Peter Bland (b. 1934) and Fleur Adcock (b. 1934) all have new poetry collections out about now.

This morning’s post brought a new collection, Us, then by Vincent O’Sullivan (b. 1937). There is also a new collection of short stories on its way: I have read it and think it his best yet.

I rather fear that the 30s-born generation is showing the rest of us up.


Mark Hubbard said...

It makes sense that the more experience of life, the more change, skilfully honed into words, should be the most satisfactory.

For this reason It is sad my favourite and most influential (personally) New Zealand writer, Maurice Gee, has screwed the cap on his inkpot.

Stephen Stratford said...

Another self-appointed critic. I suggest leaving the criticism to those of us who have some expertise in the matter, Mark.

Mark Hubbard said...

Huh? Assuming my irony radar is not broken, all I was saying was it makes sense writers get better as they get older, that is, I was agreeing with you; and my favourite writer is Gee, who unfortunately has retired from writing.

It was in no way a dig at you, Stephen; how on earth could you get my comment so far out of context? I admit it was written in a hurry and is not the best, but goodness me, I don't think it that clumsy.

( Although for the record, way back when, I've got an A+ average across BA in English lit from Canterbury, so I'm not without expertise. Perhaps you might care to read the NZ literary rambles on my blog: scroll down right hand menu - access blog by clicking my name through to bio: Life Behind the IRon Drape.)

Have a good weekend. I'm hitting wine night.

Stephen Stratford said...

Mark - that wasn't me. Someone has hacked the blog. I would never say such things. Will leave it there with your/my comments unless you would rather I deleted it all.

I have no idea how this could happen - I have just set up a new PC so perhaps I have left a stable door open somewhere.


Stephen Stratford said...

After investigation: you can see that wasn't me because the name Stephen Stratford doesn't have a hyperlink - as my real comments do - so not a hacker just some coward pretending.

Some coward at Victoria University, in fact, who came here via Chad Taylor's Marginalia using the IP address

I don't mind abuse, myself, but I dislike the anonymous abusers.

Mark Hubbard said...

Oh, shit, sorry Stephen. The age of the Internet ... There are some 'strange ones' out there.

Perhaps just delete all comments back to my first if you like.

Love your blog. Mrs H unscrewing wine bottle two here ;)

Kind regards Mark

Stephen Stratford said...

Thanks Mark. I'll leave this conversation up there unless you really want it deleted - can't name and shame whoever it is at VUW but it would be good I think for trolls to see that they can be identified, if only by IP.