Friday, November 29, 2013

Waikato Times letter of the week #44

From the 23 November edition of the Waikato Times:
Species integrity
Where is the SPCA to prosecute the TV3 programme Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year – Asia, and the Broadcasting Authority for the 7.30pm screening on November 18 of a cultural revulsion: eating fertilised duck eggs?
I can’t argue jungle law being jungle law, but I will spew venom on human obscenity. The issues is [sic] species integrity, isn’t it?
Evolutionary and devolutionary laws; yin and yang; generate and degenerate. Let that particular culture learn its poverty.
I say prosecute the ignorance that would screen this as entertainment.


Kate said...

Interesting letter, dubious literary merits aside. A lot of my friends have recently become rabid about the dreadful sin of eating an egg with a microscopic embryo inside. Yet I expect they have no trouble eating chicken meat regularly. What is this madness?

Stephen Stratford said...

Indeed. Bafflingness abounds.