Monday, June 30, 2014


P is for Predicament: Tim Martin in the Daily Telegraph in his A to Z of forgotten books uses Ronald Hugh Morrieson’s third novel for his P entry. Quote unquote:
… it’s as hard to summarise as anything he wrote. You might get a general idea by imagining Richmal Crompton’s William Brown books, rewritten by Tom Sharpe and Roald Dahl in a mix of Withnailian high style and broad Kiwi slang, but even that wouldn’t catch the genuinely troubling surrealism that creeps about at the edges of Morrieson’s story.

The 2010 movie featured Jemaine Clement, above left. No, I haven’t seen it either.

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Unknown said...

It got very bad reviews.

Got it out on DVD around 18 months back: while I wouldn't rave over it I didn't think it was bad.