Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Waikato Times letter of the week #50

From the 25 June edition. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are all exactly as published:
Waves of darkness
I wonder how many of us Hamilton City dwellers really appreciate living; and doing business in a city whose logo depicts one of scum, filth and defilement? 
For such is the title, and image of one Riff-Raff, imposed upon us by those who have apparently twisted understandings and rebellious hearts. 
These people who are like impudent children,– spoilt brats,– who appear to be given their heart’s desire in whatever abased area of human depravity that can be legally applied now– allowed by the arm of a false-freedom, encouraged by newly, perverted legislation, standing proudly opposed to the righteous ways that have held us,– sure and steadfast, for many generations past. 
Are we both ashamed and offended to live under this banner of darkness, that is fluttering over our community? We should be. 
All of us in Hamilton hold the deeds of ownership to this state of affairs; and very few, if any at all, have spoken out against this flood of darkness descending freely upon our city; preferring to allow the applause of fools to apply consent to the violent waves of deeper darkness fast approaching. 

A note for non-Hamiltonians: “Riff-Raff” refers to this bronze statue in Hamilton’s Victoria Street (it was unveiled on 26 November 2004) of the character Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Show, as performed by former Hamiltonian Richard O’Brien, who also wrote the show. I met him once in the green room at TVNZ: he was very nice, and we chatted about our mutual alma mater, Tauranga Boys’ College. Last year he remarried and now lives in Katikati.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder if letter writers to the Waikato Times are really aiming for re-publication in Quote Unquote.

Stephen Stratford said...

Because the prestige of appearing here is greater than that of appearing in the WaikTimes? Well, yes, it's possible.

If ever Steve Braunias invites one of them to a Wintec Press Club luncheon - and I wouldn't put it past him - I shall ask.

Mark Servian said...

Those of us responsible for Riff Raff were so impressed by this letter, we put "twisted understandings and rebellious hearts" on a tshirt with a picture of him...

Stephen Stratford said...

Hah! I bet Richard liked that.