Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crime wave in Cambridge #2

As mentioned here previously, people often ask me, “How do you find living in Cambridge, population 18,400, after living for so long in Auckland, population 1.5 million?”

Here is the police report from the 29 October issue of the Cambridge Edition:
Theft of compost
Police are investigating reports of a burglary at St Kilda Cambridge subdivision over the weekend. As the Cambridge Edition went to print, early indications were that nothing had been stolen.
Monday, October 20
A car was found after a crash on SH1.
A car was broken into in Discombe Rd. A laptop was stolen.
An incident was reported to police where teenagers had removed shopping trolleys from The Warehouse and filled them with bags of compost. They dumped the trolleys in a garden and left.
Police attended a domestic incident in Wordsworth St.
Tuesday, October 21
Three men were found walking through Cambridge Park subdivision and taken home by police.
Police attended two domestic incidents in Cambridge.
A theft was reported by staff at Lochiel Golf Club. A laser distance measurer was stolen from the Pro Shop.
Police attended a car crash on King St.
Four saddle blankets were reported stolen from the Equidays event held at Mystery Creek.
Wednesday, October 22
Police attended a domestic incident in Luck at Last Road.
Thursday, October 23
There was a disorder incident outside Freshchoice in Leamington. A man was reported to have thrown and smashed a bottle, but he left the scene before police arrived and was not found.
Police attended a domestic incident.
Friday, October 23
An 18-year-old Cambridge teenager was caught drink driving with a reading of 52lmcg.
A Cambridge teenager was caught drink driving with a reading of 554mcg.
A 50-year-old Cambridge man was caught drink driving. He chose to have a blood test. 

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Denis said...

As a golfer I am extremely concerned at the theft of the measuring device. These things are both valuable and useful. In the interest of the public good I am available should the thief wish to free him/herself of their sin. They can pass the item to me. I will make sure it finds its way to the right hands.