Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Waikato Times letter of the week #53

Another bumper crop, two letters from the 11 November issue. As always, spelling, grammar, punctuation and logic are exactly as published. I particularly like “flotsam and jettison”, and as always wonder what the unabridged letters were like. 
Time to be ashamed
Gregor Ashby’s letter of November 8 has appeared appropriately in the edition that could also give an idea as to why Hamilton is now a ‘ghost town’!

Do many Hamilton city dwellers really appreciate living, and doing business under the dominant logo depicting ‘scum’, filth, and defilement, as does the title and image of ‘Riff-Raff' – as imposed upon them by those of twisted, rebellious hearts and minds?

These people, who like impudent, spoilt brats, appear to be given their heart’s desire in savouring whatever abased area of human depravity can be legally accepted and allowed under the freedom of newly enacted legislation that stands proudly, in perversion, against the righteous ways of many generations past!

Are we ashamed and offended under this banner of darkness, that is fluttering over our community? – We should be!

The ‘Time Warp’ mass dance ensuing will leave a nasty ‘taste in participant’s mouth, and the true location of the ‘Warp’ will be obvious to all. Be warned. (Abridged) 
Price of Utopia
So it came to pass that an era of progressive leadership took control of the city and embarked on a plan of development and enhancement designed to encourage business growth, appease landlords and leave behind a memorable legacy of fame guaranteed to deliver civic acclaim, streets and parks named in their memory, even the possibilities of knighthoods and such like symbols of national gratitude.

As these new brooms, all flying on noticeably enlarged right wings contemporaneously made plans and enacted activities to ban the great unwashed from the city’s new enhancements, and garner further revenue by retiring any possibility of liability for the city’s ageing population.

And so a new utopian era is born. Gone forever are those of low economic value, whether unemployed or too aged or infirm to contribute to the new order of full employment, suddenly gone! zapped into non-existence!

Other cities and towns will hopefully pick up the unwanted dregs, the flotsam and jettison, meanwhile Hamilton. . . a young city, a clean city, a city without real heart or social conscious forges ahead, cold, clinical, in credit.

Don’t dare age, for if you are without wealth, employment or a home, flee, for there is no place for the likes of you here. (Abridged)

Te Awamutu


Denis said...

I have never considered a move to Hamilton. However, the third paragraph in the first letter is giving me pause. I find myself making time to peruse the Hamilton real estate ads and checking the various entertainment options available in that city. Is this a cause for concern, for I am in the demographic the second letter announces as being targeted for removal from the parish of the Hamiltonians. It is all very confusing.

Stephen Stratford said...

Glwyn McInnes is on about a statue of Richard O'Brien in character as Riff-Raff in his musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have never seen this so have no idea why Ms/Mr McInnes objects to it so much, though I have met Richard O'Brien and he was perfectly nice. As you say, it is all very confusing.