Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NZ Listener letter of the month #1

There have been no Waikato Times letters of the month for a while, because the paper hasn’t  published any over the holidays: normal service will resume shortly. So while we’re all waiting, here is one from the 23 January issue of the Listener:
Celebrating End to Tariffs
The Listener wonders why New Zealanders are not dancing in the streets at the World Trade Organisation’s announced removal of food-export barriers (Editorial, January 16). There are many reasons. […]
Economist Milton Keynes pointed out that exporting means giving up assets of real value in exchange for unreliable money, so should be limited by sensible domestic economies. […]
Gavin Maclean
(Cullerlie, Gisborne)
So here is a concert from Milton Keynes: two hours of Metallica in 1993, kicking off with “Creeping Death”.


Steve Bell said...

I assumed the town of Milton Keynes was probably named after John Maynard Keynes and John Milton - a kind of "two cultures" thing.

But no: there was a village of the name already on the site: Milton was "middle town" and Keynes was Cahaines, a Norman landowner.

You learn something every day. Well two things already this morning: I alos now know what "pseudopenannular" means. And it's only 6:36 am!

Stephen Stratford said...

Thank you! I did not know that. But I will have to look up "pseudopenannular".