Monday, June 12, 2017

Sir Geoffrey Palmer: the garden gnome edition

Rohan Long on Twitter posts this photo, saying “These just appeared in my local Bunnings and no one has any idea how they were made or how they got there.

Bunnings, like Rohan Long, is Australian, which makes it baffling that they would trial these garden gnomes modelled on Sir Geoffrey Palmer (who was briefly 33rd Prime Minister of New Zealand, from 8 August 1989 to 4 September 1990) there.

They cost $59 in Australia. Why can’t we buy these here? And what would the local price be?

A friend in Hamilton reports that Bunnings Te Rapa has these in stock. We have a suitable place in our garden, so I shall go tomorrow to check it out.

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Anonymous said...

You have a disappointingly New Zealand-centric viewpoint. These statuettes are clearly modelled on Malcolm Fraser, who was Prime Minister of Australia 1975-83. Fraser was, for obvious reasons, often likened to an Easter Island statue.

Best wishes

Tony Marshall