Thursday, February 5, 2009

The death of print, Part XXCIV

From Gawker’s recent round-up of doom and gloom stories from the US magazine and newspaper industries:
And a Time Inc. tipster tells us: “Today (Friday 30) all staff are to be told that subscriptions for ALL outside newspapers and magazines are to be cancelled. Read em on line, is the new edict.” Funny thing, for a magazine company.
A separate piece details the New Yorker’s woeful advertising sales – just under 10 pages in an 82-page issue – and asks, “Is it time to get seriously concerned?”

I’d say so, but still it’s doing better than the Listener, which currently has eight pages of advertising (including the classifieds but not the house ads) in a 96-page issue. In the 70s and 80s demand for ad space in the magazine was so high that prospective advertisers were waitlisted. Those were the days.

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