Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That’s my kind of meaningless statistic

Via Home Paddock (#17) I learn that on Tumeke’s (#11) highly scientific ranking of New Zealand blogs, Quote Unquote has shot up 26 places and after a mere eight months of blogging is now ranked #101. Thanks to all my readers, etc.

If I were a competitive person, which I’m not, I would look up the ranking of my distinguished former Listener colleagues Karl du Fresne (#129) and Denis Welch (#143).

Among my other distinguished former colleagues, Poneke (from Metro days) is on #19 and Chris Trotter (obscure media trivia which even he has probably forgotten: I published him in New Outlook in the 80s) is on #62.

And my former colleagues from Quote Unquote the magazine, Rob O’Neill and Mark Broatch, who with the rather more productive Chris Bell are NZBC, are on #82, which is a nice fourth birthday present for them – we started it together on 17 August 2005.

Actually I don’t believe any of it. Karl and Denis are serious people so must have many more readers than me, and I know – we’re family, so I see her stats as well as her tats – that on most days Laughy Kate gets at least as many as me. It’s yet more evidence for the Stratford Theory of Numbers.

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