Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wedding of the week

The Sun reports that:
A lesbian bride spent her wedding night behind bars after allegedly attacking a male bouncer with her stiletto.
But wait, it gets better. One of the guests says: “I’ve not been to a same sex civil wedding before but it certainly ended with a bang bigger than the average weddings.”

The story goes like this:
Blushing Sharon Verallo, 40, was arrested by cops shortly after getting hitched to lover Nicola Hutin. . . A stunned wedding guest said: “Both brides ended up in tears – it was a sad ending to a happy day.

“From what I could see Sharon took her bridal shoe off and whacked the bouncer over the head with it. After that it all kicked off. There were people in tears, shouting and screaming. . .”

After the service, the wedding party moved on to the Champers Wine Bar in the city where the happy couple had booked a room until 11pm. But when the time came to leave, many of the guests refused to go and wanted to carry on with the party.

A dispute started at the door between guests and a bouncer — and Sharon allegedly waded in armed with the red shoe from her wedding outfit.

Another guest said: “It was a very boozy day and some of the guests were very drunk during the service. I thought at one point that the registrar was going to have to stop the ceremony.”. . .

A police source said: “We would never want to spoil a bride’s big night but in this case we had no choice.”
Best of all, this happened in Swansea.

Monitor: Tim Worstall

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