Friday, July 30, 2010

Unintended consequences and carbon emissions

The Glasgow Herald reports:
A report by Transport Scotland, the £2 billion organisation responsible for rail and trunk roads, found that travel-related carbon dioxide emissions by staff had increased by 3% over two years, despite its goal of an 8% decrease.

It blamed a sharp increase in flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow to London to attend meetings for producing an extra CO² in staff business travel in the two years to November 2008.
Monitor: Raedwald


Anonymous said...

What a dreary insignificant CUNT you are.

Stephen Stratford said...

No doubt, O Brave Anonymous.

But why is someone at the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore bothering to point this out (the Internet isn't very anonymous, is it) over a period of nine minutes and 16 seconds?

Dave Hillier said...

How odd and unprovoked. Why don't you moderate your comments Stephen so idiots like this can't pollute the blog?

Stephen Stratford said...

Thanks, Dave. Can't be bothered moderating, basically. And I've only ever had one abusive comment before that I've noticed - funnily enough, that too was in response to a post which was perhaps seen to be insufficiently concerned about anthropogenic climate change.