Thursday, August 19, 2010

Waikato Times letter of the day

TG Brown of Te Kauwhata writes in today’s edition:
[. . .] One doesn’t have to be fundamental to read in the Christian Bible Jeremiah 5 v22 that God has “fixed ocean levels and they cannot be changed” which implies the same devil behind Hitler and Stalin is now behind the United Nations, only too sophisticated perhaps to be discerned other than by fundamental Christian knowledge, and that climate change is a globalists’ political tool or real conspiracy. The UN is based upon a “supreme being” to accommodate all religions, giving us a pagan bill of rights, a negative document compared with the Bible’s 10 commandments and the cross of Jesus Christ – the same 10 commandments that helped Western civilisation prosper under Magna Carta until we foolishly abdicated from it some 50 years or more ago. [. . . ]
The Waikato Times advises that this letter was abridged. Aren’t you curious about the bits that were cut out because they were even more Anglocentric, even more a-historical, even crazier? I am.

But this letter isn’t as crazy as the one in yesterday’s edition from Glywn McInnes of Hamilton. I cannot understand why a good newspaper would have published it. Although it isn’t long I can’t bring myself to quote it in full because it is the most unpleasant piece of racism I have ever seen in the New Zealand mainstream media, so this is just part of it: 
Recently there have been reports the Jewish people are returning in droves to the country of Germany. It seems Berlin now has the dubious honour of being host to the largest number of young Jews in any city in Europe. [. . . ]
Obviously the lesson learnt through the World War II Holocaust does not come through fully to their understanding.
Looking on the bright side, as one tries to do, at least this idiot doesn’t deny the Holocaust. She or he just regrets that the Jews didn’t learn their lesson from it.

Having typed that out, I shall go and wash my hands.


Michael said...

TWT might as well open up a new column called "Specquackular" (featuring a cross-eyed duck in a jester's cap) and publish the worst letter of the week there.

Or, better yet, call it "The Worst Letter of the Week" and publish the worst letter of the week there.

Phil said...

Obviously some kind of borderline nutcase. And yes - why should TWT be a bulletin board for psychos? May be a slow news day in cow country.

Repton said...

I visited Berlin recently, and our tour guide mentioned that, indeed, many Jews are moving to Berlin.

Because they feel safe there.

Basically, Germany has a lot of national guilt over the holocaust, and Berliners feel it especially. So antisemitism is very much frowned on, and if there's any trouble (Germany still has its share of neonazis and racists), the Jews in Berlin can count on quick and comprehensive support from the police.

derp de derp said...

I saw a letter published in the Herald once (would have been late last year, or the beginning of this year) in which the author attacked Brian Rudman for some column he had written about something to do with Maori (the details escape me). The opening lines were something like,

"It seems Brian Rudman has shown his true colours, and they're not white."

I found that pretty appalling. The whole letter was essentially just accusing him of being a race-traitor.

Stephen Stratford said...

Yes, Repton, I have heard this before from other visitors to Berlin and believe it. Sadly, Ms McInnes doesn't see this as a good thing.