Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apocalypse soon

Holly Thorne offers sensible advice on coping with the Big Day:
When shopping for food, choose small supermarkets and avoid big box stores such as Wal-Mart. Stopping to exit the vehicle before entering the shop provides an easy target so it is better to enter through the front window without slowing down. Given enough speed, this will also take care of anyone already on the premises within your immediate trajectory.  This is not the time to argue over Cheddar or Camembert, grab the fucking cheese. Load the vehicle and leave within thirty seconds.
You’ve probably already guessed that Holly Thorne is the American wife of Aussie super-snark David Thorne of 27b/6.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I once wanted to go zorbing in New Zealand but David said there were indoor places for that and no one goes to New Zealand unless they're sheep enthusiasts. I don't really have a problem with sheep.

Stephen Stratford said...

David isn't always right, then. We've got much more to offer than sheep. We also have cows.