Friday, September 23, 2011

The courier always knocks twice

A package arrives! It is addressed to me. This is unusual, because I do not do TradeMe, unlike some other people in this household whom I could mention but had better not because anything for a quiet life.

I rip it open with my bare hands. This is how we do things in the country.

Inside are my travel documents. Yay. Normally I travel to Hamilton or Tauranga, or to Te Awamutu if I am lucky. Sometimes I travel to Auckland (boo) or Wellington (double boo). But this time I am going overseas to speak at an international conference. No, really. I am to speak on a subject I know next to nothing about but that doesn’t stop anyone else so why should it stop me?

My destinations are Bangkok, Zurich and Ljulbljana. Three new cities for me, and in fact three new countries. Guess which cuisine I am looking forward to most: Thai, Swiss or Slovenian?

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