Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today is the second anniversary of my father’s death. My friends Gary Verberne and Jane West gave me a bottle of very good whisky for my last birthday and later tonight I will pour a glass and toast my father. He was a good man. Born in Piopio on 29 August 1923, died in Tauranga on 26 February 2011. He went at the right time for him but it’s still a bugger.


homepaddock said...

It's 14 and 12 years respectively since my father and mother died and it's still a bugger. I often find myself wanting to share something with them or ask them something - so many questions I never thought to put to them.

Enjoy the whisky and your memories.

Stephen Stratford said...

Thanks, Ele. It's all natural and normal and to be expected - but yes, it's a bugger.