Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The AUP anthology of New Zealand literature #4

Previous entries in this series here. Sadly no sign of the promised letter from Playmarket to the Listener about it, but here from the Otago Daily Times is Lawrence Jones, who knows a thing or two about NZ lit and is more enthusiastic than some other reviewers. Quote unquote:
Sturdily bound and nicely printed, made up of well-chosen imaginatively arranged texts covering something approaching the full range of New Zealand literature, accompanied by brief, suggestive introductions to the whole and to each historical section (but without any intrusive notes), good bibliographies, and brief biographical outlines, the book will be good for browsing, will be a useful reference work, will encourage the making of many interesting literary connections, will serve as a useful (but not complete) guide to further reading, and, inevitably, will be a spur to good literary arguments as to inclusions and exclusions. For the right readers, the $75 might be money well spent.

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