Tuesday, February 18, 2014

John Drinnan: largely irrelevant

John Drinnan, “business writer and media commentator” in the Herald, posted this online today at 1:50pm. It still stands unaltered at 10.30pm:
With the profit focus at TVNZ the Maori unit has been cut of from the rest of the news operation is largely irrelevant to corporate bosses.
I can’t understand why this stuff has to be rushed into, not print, pixels perhaps, without going through the usual process of sub-editing and proofreading. It would take only 30 minutes max. And I can’t understand why something so sub-literate can be allowed to stand visible for our derision for more than eight hours. I bet tomorrow’s print edition gets it right – but it will still have this triumphant concluding sentence:
Now at the start of an election year TVNZ is wallowing in a quagmire of its own making. 


Denis said...

A while back the Herald got their hands on a highly trained and talented American sub editor. They liked what they were getting, realising they had someone with serious skill, and of course ushered him to the door, making him redundant. The Australians, who enjoy significantly better papers than anything on offer here, also liked what the Herald had been getting, and he's now busy subbing for them.

Stephen Stratford said...

"they had someone with serious skill, and of course ushered him to the door". Well yes, that's what management does. The editorial side get the blame for what appears but really this is the fault of the suits.