Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swedish Pirate Party

Those concerned about Judith Tizard’s s92A, which is most of us, may be inspired by the example of the Swedish Pirate Party which, according to Der Spiegel, will field 20 candidates in the coming elections for the European Parliament:
“If the politicians want to prevent ordinary citizens from sharing films, music and other forms of culture, they have to constantly expand the ability to monitor—because as soon as the authorities close down one culture-sharing facility, another pops up very quickly,” says Christian Engström, who is the primary candidate for the party.

Monitoring has already gone too far, Engström feels. “There is a law on the way in Sweden which is already in force in Denmark. Rights owners to a film, for example, can demand the name of the person who pays for an Internet connection if they are able to track a person uploading or downloading films illegally,” Engström says.
I can’t tell if these guys are linked to the Swedish copyright-busting download site The Pirate Bay, but the full story is here.

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Rick Falkvinge (pp) said...

Linked and linked, there's no formal connection in terms of organization, but of course we know one another as individuals.

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