Thursday, March 5, 2009

Watchmen: the movie

The Dim-Post is right on the button here:
I don’t trust movie reviewers – they spend most of their lives watching terrible films so when something slightly less mediocre comes along they tend to praise it to the skies.
Now he has taken up movie-reviewing himself. He hasn’t seen Watchmen but says it isn’t any good:
I doubt any of the people making this movie actually ‘get’ Watchmen on anything other than a superficial level. They know its cool they just don’t know why. So they’ll try and stay as faithful to the source material as they can but in the process of adaptation they’ll be forced to make creative decisions that undermine the point of the characters and the story.
New Yorker reviewer Anthony Lane has seen Watchmen and says it isn’t any good:
Incoherent, overblown, and grimy with misogyny, “Watchmen” marks the final demolition of the comic strip, and it leaves you wondering: where did the comedy go?
Maybe Dim-Post could review some other movies he hasn’t seen – he seems to be quite good at it.

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