Friday, December 18, 2009

Geek love

My wife works in a science organisation and is the only member of the senior management team without a PhD. She is brainy, but the others are officially brainy. And almost all the statisticians are tall, dark and handsome Latin Americans. Not that I’m worried, but I will be if she starts taking tango lessons.

Anyway, she overheard this at work:
“He’s interested in gene discovery. I’m more interested in physiology.”
The course of true love never did run smooth.


Chad Taylor said...

Is this the set-up for a new Michael Crichton novel?

Stephen Stratford said...

Sounds like it, doesn't it. But Crichton won't be using this one because he's dead just now, so you're very welcome to it.

Unknown said...

Get the movie 'Lantana' out. It's an Aussie gem. There are long sequences of Latin American dancing, and it charts where this can take a righteous and good sort of chap. Murder is involved.