Monday, December 14, 2009

Paul Holmes is an idiot

He isn’t, not really – he’s a very bright guy. But like all columnists he sometimes has to wing it when faced with a deadline. Why else, for example, was Finlay Macdonald getting angsty about the colour pink in yesterday’s SST? Holmes even admits at the start of his column that he didn’t know what to write about in this week’s skanky HoS:
I was not going to write about Tiger this week. My wife suggested I leave him alone and the rest of the world should too. But what else is there? ACC levies going up next year? The Easter Bill being defeated in Parliament? The Labour Caucus being completely united behind Phil Goff? Hardly.
Yawn. But then he explodes with silliness:
The sudden, incredible destruction of the career and image of Tiger Woods just continues to amaze. In terms of destruction it is rivalled only by the Titanic. It is the human equivalent of the giant, unsinkable ship colliding fatally with the iceberg in the dead of the cold black night in the wastes of the North Atlantic, to lie within a couple of hours dead, 3000 ft below the frigid ocean floor.
No it isn’t. Not at all. But the Fundy Post got to this before I could, and got to it devastatingly well.


Pirateking said...

No, you had it right first time. He's an idiot.

Remember 'cheeky darkie'?

Paul said...

Thank you. You are making me blush.