Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy birthday, Rosanne Cash

Born on 24 May, 1955, she is 55 today. She recorded her first album in 1978, in Germany. I have no idea why, certainly not because of the Johnny Cash and/or Carter Family connection, but I bought it at the time – vinyl! – and loved it, and have bought every album of hers since. She was a wild child then and is now a country elder, but through it all she has had the voice. Always great songs and great musicians – the production hasn’t always dated well, but the music has.

Here she is in 1981 with “I Don’t Know Why” from the album Seven Year Ache.

And here she is a year or so ago with her dad’s “I Still Miss Someone” with a brief intro of her talking about it. And you think your family is complicated.

It is also Bob Dylan’s birthday. Born in 1941, he is 69 today. Some of his fans are nuts.


Anonymous said...

I still prefer Emmylou's version of I Miss Someone

Stephen Stratford said...

Well yes, Emmylou's versions do tend to trump.

Scott Warmuth said...

While I do appreciate the link back to my blog I am disappointed that you choose to stoop to ugly insult as opposed to pointing out what you might perceive as weaknesses in my post. I encourage friendly discussion and ask you to consider that your snarky personal attack shows a lack of decorum at best.