Monday, May 3, 2010

A new literary genre

My wife has invented a new literary genre – or at least a new name for a familiar one.

We had a friend from Auckland to stay for the weekend – I think he was hoping that I would take him duck shooting, as Saturday was the start of the season, but this year I’m not going.

He is a books person and was trying to describe a new book he had for review. “It isn’t chick lit,” he said, “more for women readers who are a bit older than that. They would read Paullina Simons, Nicholas Sparks, Jenny Pattrick. You know.”

My wife said, “You mean, chook lit?”


Leon said...

That's not new, it's been around for ages. People also use 'hen lit' or 'sentimental bollocks churned out by exploitative publishers'. Chicken soup for the soul and that tripe.

Stephen Stratford said...

You must be right, Leon, but the four of us at dinner had never heard the term before.

So here's a question: can something be original if it has been done/said before but the doer/sayer is unaware of the precedent? Can there be multiple spontaneous inventions? As they say in university exams: Discuss.

Rob Hosking said...

ARe Chick lit and chook lit books eligable for the Pullet Surprise?

Stephen Stratford said...

Heh. What a fowl pun.