Monday, August 9, 2010

Look, I’m busy

As mentioned below I am writing a speech (paid) which has to be approved by a committee. Nearly done.

And I have to write an article (unpaid) on much the same subject due a day or so after I deliver the speech. Maybe I could just hand in the speech?

Lunch in Hamilton (unpaid) tomorrow with Steve Braunias and more than a hundred of his closest friends. Thrillingly, Paul Holmes is the speaker. My attendance depends upon neither of the children being sick tomorrow which was not the case today (the six-year-old is great company but I did have to watch a Barbie DVD and and Fantastic Mr Fox) and will almost certainly not be the case on Wednesday (the eight-year-old, so I will have to watch Mama Mia maybe twice but honestly there are worse things – the 13-year-old nephew plays guitar and skateboards so he listens to Green Day and watches Tony Hawk on YouTube so compared to his parents I have it easy).

Mentoring (paid) three writers via the NZ Society of Authors programme. Each of them is a good writer with a good project but you try keeping three manuscripts-in-progress in your head while working on other stuff. And watching Barbie DVDs.

Did I mention that the in-laws are coming to stay for the weekend (unpaid)?

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