Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silver-tongued devil

This afternoon I have a long phone conversation with someone involved in organising the book trade’s Big Day Out on Friday, aka the NZ Post Book Awards. She is understandably a little tense.

She says something. I say something in reply. There is a long pause. Uh-oh, I think.

And then she sighs and says, “God, this is great. I’ve spent all day with these serious intense women, and you just swear all the time.”


Rob Hosking said...

God that made me laugh.

Stephen Stratford said...

Good. But I'll have to be careful on Friday night on stage with Chris Finlayson, there as Minister of the Arts; Michael Cullen, there as chair of the sponsor, NZ Post; and various of my publisher employers in the audience. Not to mention doing the pre-records for TV news. I have a distressing tendency to say what I think - which means it never takes long, but can be profane.

Rob Hosking said...

Ah, fuck 'em.