Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today is my birthday

And everybody here knows it. I wonder if Ally goes around saying, “Quote unquote” and making ironic air quote-marks with her fingers. No, I suppose not.

Every day Home Paddock tells us about historic events that happened on the same day in history. I knew that I shared a birthday with Martin Amis, Elvis Costello and Claudia Schiffer – well, obviously (though I’m not sure whose literary talent, musical ability and looks I may also share: probably Schiffer’s music and Amis’s old teeth)  – but not that I shared a birthday with, OMG, Sean Connery. I don’t know why this should be cheering, but it is.


homepaddock said...
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homepaddock said...

The name's Unquote. Quote Unquote.

Hmm,I think James Bond's got it over you there, but you might look better in a kilt than Connery does.

Many happies for yesterday and the year ahead.

Phil said...

Not sure about the Scottish garb ( tragically kilt?).But blow them candles, big boy!