Friday, September 17, 2010

Another damned, thick, square book! Always scribble, scribble, scribble!

To Auckland yesterday for very convivial drinks with two bloggers – Fundy Post and Laughy Kate – and two former NZBC bloggers. Then this morning, after breakfast with Paul Millar, author of the excellent Bill Pearson biography No Fretful Sleeper, a meeting with the publisher of my (possible) next book. The 15th, I think it would be, but who’s counting.

I’m keen to do it, but every time a new book is suggested, I think of Mr Bennet (above) in Pride and Prejudice:
Mary’s powers were by no means fitted for such a display; her voice was weak, and her manner affected.—Elizabeth was in agonies. She looked at Jane, to see how she bore it; but Jane was very composedly talking to Bingley. She looked at his two sisters, and saw them making signs of derision at each other, and at Darcy, who continued however impenetrably grave. She looked at her father to entreat his interference, lest Mary should be singing all night. He took the hint, and when Mary had finished her second song, said aloud,
“That will do extremely well, child. You have delighted us long enough. Let the other young ladies have time to exhibit.'”

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Paul said...

Indeed, very convivial drinks.