Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sentence of the day

Dim-Post has reservations – OK, is appalled by – the sweeping powers granted to Gerry Brownlee under the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010, and explains why.

Comment #7 says, “Solution to problems: leave. Seriously, why the fuck would you stay in NZ?”

Comment #8 is Danyl’s reply: 
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Eric Crampton said...

1. Exceedingly unlikely that the powers get used for real evil or have really bad consequences for most folks.
2. Exceedingly worrying that there's no sense of a constitutional spirit here that would bind government against doing this sort of thing.
3. Where would you go?!

Stephen Stratford said...

1. Agreed, Eric, but I'm glad it is time-limited.

2. Agreed too. Pragmatism rules in NZ but that's not always ideal.

3. Yeah, me too. I like it here. Paris is pretty good but god it's expensive. Brisbane, maybe - it has some good restaurants, especially the ones run by NZers.