Thursday, September 9, 2010

Required reading

Justin Bieber and modern culture.
How to buy lightbulbs in Russia.
Cassini photos from Saturn.
“Eating food from a long way off is often the single best thing you can do for the environment, as counterintuitive as that sounds”
Did modernism failMorton Feldman?
Some people really hatePierre Boulez and his music. (Morton Feldman, for one.)
The glory that is Greece.
Toby Young thinks that book launches are useless.


Paul said...

Is Boulez Conducts Zappa in your collection?

homepaddock said...

"Eating food from a long way off . . ." thanks for pointing me at that post, it's a fascinating read.

Stephen Stratford said...

Paul, I think I have every legal Zappa album apart from "Francesco Zappa", the Synclavier rendition of some 17th?-century probably non-related composer (I gather that even FZ thought that the material was tedious). And I have many illegal ones. Oh yes. I recommend "Buffalo", which you can buy at great expense or do what I did.

HomePaddock, it is a good piece, isn't it. I was so glad to find the blog - such a good voice, to which I shall return.