Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christo in Cambridge

The Waikato Times reports:
Four pieces of playground equipment, a group of three trees and a picnic table and chairs were all under wraps at the playground on the corner of MacLean St and Thornton Rd in Cambridge this morning.
It is unknown who was behind the cover-up.
More detail in the local newspaper, the Cambridge Edition, whose excellent editor Ann Huston took the photo above:
Waipa District Council did not know why the wrap had been carried out or who had done it and were removing the plastic as the Edition went to print. If anyone has any information on the playground wrap please give us a call on 827 3840.
We live in a small town. If Ann really wants to know more, all she has to do is pop over the road and ask anyone in the New World carpark.

In 1985 I was in Paris and the Pont Neuf looked like this:

In 1995 the Reichstag in Berlin looked like this:

 So yes, it has been done before, done bigger and better. But isn’t it encouraging to see two local lads emulating Christo’s example and wrapping rather than rapping?

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