Thursday, February 17, 2011

The big four banks

Stuff reports
Banks face downgrade
The big banks look set to lose their prized Aa2 credit ratings after ratings agency Moody’s Investment Services said it was considering a downgrade of them.
I am not surprised. These people are idiots. Three of them keep sending me emails saying that my account with them has been frozen due to unauthorised access, and can I please log on again to confirm my identity, when I don’t even have an account with them. This is no way to run a business in the modern  world.


Stephanie said...

Can you be sure it is not spam????

helenalex said...

Pretty sure you know this, but yeah, it's a phishing scam where people try and con you out of your internet banking details.

Stephen Stratford said...

Er yes, I do know it is spam. I was being ironic. Like Alanis Morisette:

Phil said...

I knew Alanis Morisette when he was plain old Alan Morris

helenalex said...

Well, good. The first comment made me worry a bit.