Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ruby Heartbreaker

Until Silvio Berlusconi’s trial – which, amusingly, will be before three women judges –  we will not know for sure what he got up to with the teenage pole dancer Karima el-Mahroug, otherwise known as Ruby Heartbreaker or Ruby Heartstealer (depending on your translator), or with the dental hygienist Nicole Minetti. But I think we all have a fair idea.

Berlusconi is a huge embarrassment to Italians – though they did vote for him, so one’s sympathy is a bit limited – but OMG he and his harem have been good for my blog stats. As mentioned before, people all over the world – i.e. men, possibly lonely men – come here because I included photos of the comely Ms el-Hahroug and Ms Minetti in a post that I thought would amuse readers. Attracting pervs has never been the purpose of the blog but never mind. One is increasing the sum of human happiness, and that can only be a good thing.

Except that this case is not amusing at all because it shows up the abuse of power that these men indulge in. Frankly, they wouldn’t get a shag based on their looks or, one suspects, their charm or sense of humour.   

The Economist has had a beady eye on Berlusconi for years and has long been the best place for coverage of his sins – not so much the sex stuff which is trivial, really, compared to the corruption and abuse of power. I’m not sure if non-subscribers can get to this but here is the magazine’s interactive guide to Silvio Berlusconi’s legal troubles.

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