Friday, November 11, 2011

Election update #2: tea ceremony in Epsom

Stuff reports, as does the Herald, that this afternoon John Key and John Banks stopped for a cup of tea together. So unexpected, as you can see in this picture of cameras, microphones, notepads and two bashful politicians:

If, heaven forbid, I met John Banks between now and election day I would say to him:
“You can run, but you can’t Hide.”

I wonder if either Banks or Key remembers the rather more famous cup of tea had by David Lange in 1988, and where it got him. And how long will it be before someone makes the “Tea Party” connection? Honestly, sub-editors today…


Denis said...

I happen to live in the Epsom electorate. I was peacefully drinking my coffee when an ACT person slithered up, and asked me which way I was swinging. Informed that this was between me and my tailor the ACT person slithered away again. Is that what they mean about politics getting personal?

Phil said...

And yeah - why can't a couple of Jaffas have a good honest flat white like the rest of us?