Thursday, November 10, 2011

Election update

A comment at Dim-Post about voting strategies in Epsom:
I live in Epsom, and I’m leftish, so I’m voting for Banks.
Rationale: this election’s gone already, and the best bet for 2014 is that Key’s second term is derailed by a nasty fight on the right. Brash (definitely) and Banks (less so) aren’t going to Parliament to support soggy sops to swing voters and the Maori Party. Let’s get them on the telly every night for three years, bickering about the Nats and each other, starting with Banks’ leadership coup (“Breaking news … it’s a tie, one vote each!”).
Save ACT! The friend of my enemy who becomes the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or something.
Where I live it is very soothing because everyone – apart from the two teachers who live in the next valley – votes National so there is no need to discuss politics. Ever.

In other news, cats that look like Cunliffe. Four cheers for social media.

Three school friends and I heckled Keith Holyoake in the Tauranga Town Hall in 1969 – one of us had a cassette of Country Joe and the Fish’s Vietnam-war chant: “Gimme an F, Gimme a U, Gimme a C, Gimme a K”, which he played LOUD when appropriate. This is shaping up to be the most entertaining election since.

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