Thursday, December 8, 2011

The chemtrail conspiracy

Shelley Bridgeman wrote this in the New Zealand Herald, an allegedly serious newspaper, and Danyl McLauchlan wrote this at the Dim-Post, an occasionally satirical blog, in response. I think he is our best satirist since AK Grant.

It’s a competition – enter it! I’m not going to because Matt Nippert and Andrew Geddis already have and are much funnier than I could ever be, but do have a look – many of the entries are outstanding.

Danyl writes:
I’ve closed off comments on the Shelley writes the classics thread, because Keri Hulme has agreed to judge the entries and declare a winner. Winning criteria, date and time of the announcement and prize for best entry will all be subject to the merciless whims of Keri Hulme.


bk drinkwater said...

I dissent. I think Bridgeman is our best satirist since AK Grant.

Stephen Stratford said...

Possibly, BK - but AK meant it. Can we be sure that SB does?

bk drinkwater said...

I've had a soft spot for Bridgeman ever since she managed to smuggle a column about transphobia into the Herald — — an achievement so noble I'm able to forgive occasional bursts of (apparent) idiocy, cookie-cutter op-eds, and awkward writing.

Stephen Stratford said...

Welcome back, BK, as I should have said before - and yes, SB was probably the first Herald columnist to fully engage with transphobia. I don't recall Garth George or his predecessor Gordon McLauchlan even touching on this.

I do sympathise with people who feel that they have been born into the wrong body, as one commenter on that column put it. I feel I should have been born into Dan Carter's body, but I've got used to it by now.

Danyl said...

Thanks! Although - full disclosure - I outsource most of my satire writing to a conglomerate in Laos.