Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Lee Hazlewood

As a footnote to yesterday’s brief mention of Lee Hazlewood, Richard Hawley interviewed him not long before he died and asked, among other things, about producing Duane Eddy. Hazlewood replied:
It worked out good, you know, about 25 or 26 million records later. I guess it worked out all right.
After Hazlewood went to the Great Studio in the Sky, Hawley paid tribute in the Guardian. Sample:
I asked him about how he got that great reverb sound on his early records and he said they used to rent a grain store from a farmer that they knew. The funny side of it was they used to hire someone with a pellet gun to shoot the birds off it so they didn’t make any noise.
I remember asking him about his favourite cover of one of his songs because there’s so many. He just goes: ‘Well, they’re all shit. [Pause] In fact, the originals weren’t much better.’
He went on: ‘Actually, there is one that was great. My son called me from Las Vegas once and said: “Pops you’ve got to get yourself down here. There’s a girl in a club doing a cover of ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking’”. I said, why the fuck do I have to get on a flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas to see someone do a crappy version of one of Nancy’s tunes that I wrote? And he said, “Yeah, but dad, you’ve never seen it done with a girl playing piano with her breasts.”’
If you don’t know Hawley’s music, I thoroughly recommend investigating it. NZ crime writer Ben Sanders is a fan too, judging by the reference in his 2011 novel By Any Means. Here is Hawley with the title track of his 2005 album Coles Corner:


Unknown said...

Still think this was his finest moment. They played it on the old 1ZB back in the late 60s - I rememberhearing it as a kid - and it must have been the weirdest thing staid ol 'ZB ever played.


Stephen Stratford said...

"Some Velvet Morning". Oh yes. Eerie as, and baffling lyrics but still sounds fantastic. It was on 45. Kids today, etc..