Saturday, March 17, 2012

Optimising Sally Ridge

Paul Litterick at the Fundy Post has a bit to say about celebs who get free entry to exhibitions at the Auckland City Art Gallery they clearly could not care less about but may possibly tweet about. Sample:
Yes, but what is Sally Ridge for? I only ask because she seems so present and yet so absent. There she goes, there she goes again: you can always find her in the camera at parties, grinning and putting her head close to that of one or several of her BFFs. But what does she do in daylight? [. . .]
She is a conduit.  She will channel the wishes of [ACAG director Chris] Saines to her audience, her teeming mass of 1309 Twitter followers. Obviously tiring of the sort of people who go to his gallery all the time – art lovers – Director Saines has struck out forcefully moving forward to optimise Ms Ridge and thus outreach her fans.
I hope to see the show From Degas to Dali on Wednesday, unless I have to queue. I am not English; I do not queue. Not even for Matisse, Picasso, Bonnard and Rouault. On the other hand: there is Bacon. Also Freud, Wyndham Lewis and Spencer. Don’t get to see them too often. Tough call.

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