Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thou shalt not link to Buddle Findlay

 Buddle Findlay is my favourite law firm because for 17 years it has sponsored the Sargeson fellowship.  That sponsorship is drawing to a close, sadly, but Buddle Findlay is managing its exit in exemplary fashion. The people I know there are admirable – but whoever is in charge of its website is not. Talk about over-lawyering. The Terms of Use conditions have been changed to read:
You must not link to this website without the express written permission of Buddle Findlay.
Not how the Internet works, is it. I don’t know who spotted this first,  probably Sam P, but there has been a Twitterstorm of derision. I have been linking to Buddle Findlay for years in posts about various Sargeson fellowship things, and here’s another one. So sue me.

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