Friday, July 26, 2013

Waikato Times letter of the week

Warning: this from the 23 July edition is NSFW (not safe for Wellington):
Divine retribution
In 2010, we saw the first earthquake in Christchurch, discerned as a warning shot by this writer.
The sanity of this writer, appearing at the time to be questionable, was vindicated later with another earthquake emphasising the warning and bringing a much more serious attack on that hapless city, killing many people, to make its point.
Now, we are witnessing yet another warning in the case of the earthquake swarms at the centre of New Zealand.
The capital of this country is about to be dealt a fierce destruction, through it being the home of our Parliament, cradle of the perverted legislation recently passed into law, whereby we have accepted this world’s immoral, gutter standards to our declared culture. 
In this, we have turned our collective face from God, who has now turned his face from us, the peoples of the Earth, as we identify with the evil ensuing from that action.
Because of our rebellion, all hell is about to fall on Earth.
May God have mercy on our souls.

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