Monday, July 15, 2013

Wilco and Richard Thompson perform “Sloth”

Just for guitar nerds here is Richard Thompson with Wilco a few days ago performing “Sloth” (Full House, 1970). Nels Cline duettling with Thompson – is that a word?: they are not duelling but it’s more than duetting – is just a must. 

Crap sound and vision – why do people at concerts talk so much? – but you get the idea.  There will be something professional on YouTube before long. Full concert review from the tour is behind a paywall – content providers who expect us to pay for stuff are swine – but here’s a par to give you the flavour:
The highlight of the entire evening became witnessing Thompson matched against Wilco guitarist Nels Cline during “Sloth,” a song from Fairport Convention, the British band that launched the folk-rock movement in their country. During several interludes, Thompson’s restraint and precision was set against Cline’s more feisty inclinations. Both players flung flinty arpeggio runs against each other, the sum of which became a lengthy interplay of contrasting improvisation.
Altogether now,  “Just a roll, just a roll on your drum, and the war has begun…”

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