Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Local body politics

Was she really going out with him?

It’s all people in Auckland can talk about, the two-year affair by recently re-elected mayor Len Brown with the woman pictured above. The story was broken by Stephen Cook on Cameron Slater’s blog WhaleOil. The latest post there gives much, much more sordid detail, provided by her, then says, “She was reluctant to release any more information about their affair”.

The Herald is loving this and tomorrow’s billboard is a cracker. Twitter and Facebook are loving it too. 

Meanwhile, south of the Bombay Hills, there is a state of emergency in Whanganui with 110 homes evacuated and fears that the river will burst its banks. But for the Auckland media, Len’s trouser issues will be the issues that matter.


Paul said...

Nice photo; what was the occasion?

Stephen Stratford said...

I don't know. It's professional, a restaurant, a magazine shoot I'd say - but where and when? I'm sure that Shayne Currie's operatives are working on this as we speak.

helenalex said...

They were both consenting adults; who the hell cares, and why?

Stephen Stratford said...

Paul, the source is http://vimeo.com/43575815. How bizarre.

Anonymous said...

@helenalex, it's not a simple case of consenting adults. Brown appointed Chuang to a council panel, and it was up to him if she would be reappointed. He was in a position of power over her.