Monday, October 21, 2013

Police report of the week

This just in from Perth:
A woman has been charged after police allegedly caught her driving while a man lay on her car bonnet dressed in a dinosaur onesie.
Broome police were travelling to Gantheaume Point, Cable Beach about 7.20am when they sighted a white Ford Falcon wagon travelling in the opposite direction.
Police allege the vehicle was travelling at approximately 60km/h with an adult male lying on the bonnet, facing the driver.
Officers stopped the vehicle and located the man still lying on the bonnet, smoking a cigarette, dressed in a dinosaur onesie and wearing a snorkel.
The 23-year-old female driver has been charged with excess 0.05% and reckless driving.
The vehicle was seized under hoon legislation. 
The woman will be summonsed and appear in court at a later date.
The pair are French nationals, believed to be backpackers living in the vehicle.
Via Tim Blair, who comments:
The French are a charming people whose ways are sometimes a mystery to others.

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paul scott said...

I was sure they they had different alcohol laws in the Western Australia. What with that motor enthusiast Senator and stuff.