Saturday, October 19, 2013

Waikato Times letter of the week #42

I made that number up as I can’t be bothered going back to count how many WaikTimes letters of the week there have been so far – possibly 23, possibly 47. But channelling Douglas Adams, I’m going for 42 for this one from today’s issue, hot off the press, and will continue the sequence sequentially:
Forbidden fruit
Within the New Zealand Parliamentary system today we note that the women members are still listening to the serpent of Garden of Eden days – the “feminist-tree” looks good to them – the eating of its fruit would ensure that they would have the knowledge of God – in fact they would doubtless be like gods!
Their rebellious imput recently inserted into our political ethos at Wellington, follows the same perverted lines as Eve’s reasoning, as she ate the forbidden fruit while heeding the voice of the serpent, and we have found out that her actions have caused us nothing but trouble and unescapable error!
A deep, evil blackness is settling down upon our society, covering the once “righteous-wisdom”,that formerly reinforced the understanding of our leaders over the centuries.  It is a known fact that our lower-natures are subjected to the lure of evil, as sure as sparks travel upward from a fire. So also with the encouragement of those “out-of-the-square” radical thinkers in power, we can only expect more pro-perversion legislation.
It is a known fact that punctuation, spelling and spacing above is exactly as printed in the WaikTimes.

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